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Caller: picbank_ImageRecords_GetImageRecordAndAncillaryDetailsForUid in file /Users/joakimbraun/Sites/alfakanal.se/php/library/picBank_ImageRecords.php
SQL query: SELECT A.*,B.*,C.*, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM imageRecords WHERE imageRecords.image_storyUid=B.story_Uid) AS story_ImageCount, E.localisedStoryText_Name, E.localisedStoryText_Description, F.localisedCaption_Text FROM imageRecords AS A LEFT JOIN stories AS B ON A.image_storyUid=B.story_Uid LEFT JOIN accounts AS C ON A.image_contributorUid=C.account_Uid LEFT JOIN storyGroups AS D ON B.story_GroupUid=D.storyGroup_Uid LEFT JOIN localisedStoryText AS E ON A.image_storyUid=E.localisedStoryText_StoryUid AND E.localisedStoryText_LanguageUid=1 LEFT JOIN localisedCaption AS F ON A.image_uid=F.localisedCaption_ImageUid AND F.localisedCaption_LanguageUid=1 WHERE A.image_uid IN ();